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Whether you call it Athleisure, Activewear or even Fitness Clothing, it used to be unheard of to see this clothing style outside of your local gym or sports venue. Since 2020 however things have changed, fitness clothing has become a well established fashion trend, spilling out from the confines of the gym and making its way onto the catwalk and high-street.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a bad year for everyone, however, one sector that didn’t suffer was the Athleisure industry which managed to account for almost 40% of all online retail, partly due to internet legend and PE tutor Joe Wicks who inspired the nation to get active at the beginning of lockdown.

At Fitness Shak we believe it’s never too late to get in shape, we don’t even mind if that shape is round and you just want to spend your time relaxing in our cosy loungewear. If Athleisure is your thing, and we think it is or you wouldn’t be on our blog, then why not browse our Top 5 high fashion fitness products below!

Our Top 5 Activewear Clothing Items for Men & Women.

This Top 5 list has been created using our latest Online sales data.

5. Women’s Oversized Hoodie

This funky oversized women’s hoodie is one of our most popular items during the winter months, even towards the tail end. It features our unique Fitness Shak branding, a rounded slit hem, wide ribbed cuffs and quirky flat drawstrings for a modern look.
This style was first popularised in the 90’s and is a fan favourite on the hip-hop scene, pair it with our slim fit, animal print performance leggings to create a fashionable activewear look!
Owing to this item’s popularity, it is currently available as our product of the week where you can save a massive 20% at the checkout using code PRODUCT20.

4. Men’s Classic Fit Tipped Golf Polo Shirt

Winston Churchill once said “Golf, the perfect way to spoil a lovely walk”. Whether you agree with this or not, I think we can agree that the Polo Shirt is a timeless classic! Polo Shirts have been a fashion staple since the 60’s, adored by Mods and the perfect alternative to the formal office shirt, we believe this wardrobe staple is a must have for any of our male readers.
The Fitness Shak polo features our unique branding, double striped, tipped collar and cuffs and a breathable fabric that is suitable for all seasons.

3. Women’s Performance Compression Leggings

Everyone loves a classic but this one comes with a twist! Leggings have been on the fitness scene since the glory days of Rosemary Conley and the trauma inducing days of Mr. Motivator… Need a refresher… check out his music video here.
Anyway… I digress, leggings, apparently it has taken the fitness world a little while to catch up, but we assume some bright spark in HR mentioned that women might need pockets too, so let us be the first to introduce our game-changing fitness leggings, complete with a sizeable mobile phone / storage pocket.
These premium compression leggings provide plenty of stretch and support making them ideal for Yoga, Pilates and even heavy gym sessions, oh and did we mention…. They have pockets!
Get your hands on a pair today for only £29.00! These practical leggings are a great investment that will pay for themselves in expensive Gym Locker savings, while keeping your phone on hand for a quick running machine selfie!

2. Unisex Contrast Sweatshirt & Bottoms (Tracksuit)

Get your hands on this years must have look! The matching tracksuit. Perfect for gym sessions, jogging, running or even day to day casual wear, gone are the days when you would only find tracksuits in the gym, they’re now a fashion staple and one of this month’s most popular items at Fitness Shak.
Show your love of the Fitness Shak brand and grab yours today! Sweatshirt Joggers available separately in a variety of sizes and colours!

1. The Fitness Shak Cropped Collection

At Number One we actually have a full clothing collection, our stylish ladies cropped range has been a massive hit this month proving to be one of our most popular pages on our website according to our Analytics reports.
The cropped activewear collection offers more freedom of movement during your workout and the removal of tight ribbed banding around the bottom of the garments helps you to keep cooler while exercising.
It’s really no wonder that this range has been such a hit during the heatwave and with the summer months just around the corner there’s no time like the present to fill up your gym bag!

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