Do Diets Really Work?

Do Diets Really Work?

A weekly conversation I have - 

"Hey i have done the Atkins diet and I lost 3 stone 4 years ago it really worked for me"

"oh wow thats brilliant, did you keep it off?"

"Oh no i have put it all back on and a bit more"

"So it didn't work then did it?"

A diet is only ever successful if you kept all/most the weight off.  If you put it all back on then it didn't work.



First of all I have never had to go on a diet. I have regularly been told over the years I am a lanky streak of ****.  Maybe I am not qualified to talk from the perspective of someone who knows what it's like to diet.

I am qualified to talk about it from a Personal Trainers point of view that deals with it every day.

Everyone has a diet - either good, bad or a bit of both.  It's when you actively choose a particular "diet" to follow is when things generally start to go wrong.


Types of diets

If we look at diets such as - 







Weight Watchers / Slimming World

the list goes on and on..

So if you look at all these diets the one thing they all have in common is that they help you reduce your calories.  The amount of calories you consume is the one fact that matters most when losing fat, gaining weight or staying as you are.



Why in my opinion they don't work?

I am not saying they don't work for everyone.  Studies show roughly around 95% of people that try a particular diet do not sustain it longer than a month or actively gain the same or more weight than they lost within a year.

Diets make you miserable due to the fact you are totally restricting yourself from eating your favourite foods.  

Diets are not sustainable in the long term.  Once you have stopped, what do you do then?  For most people that gradually means slipping back into their old ways.

Diets can make you become lethargic.

Diets turn your social life boring and in some cases none existent. 

Diets take over your life in everything you do.



So knowing how many calories you are supposed to be eating is key to not needing a "diet".   

Use a calorie calculator online such as calorie calculator to determine how many calories you should be eating.

If you still don't understand then employ a personal trainer!


Just cut down on your calorie intake, eat sensibly, don't cut every "bad food" out of your diet.....oh and also get off your arse and start moving more!


Regards Dave

Owner of The Fitness shak








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