The Millfields Expansion

The Millfields Expansion

The Millfields Hotel is without a doubt one of the best known hotels in Grimsby and the surrounding area. Not only does the authentic building (built in 1879) offer aesthetically pleasing views from the outside but has many hidden treasures within, which goes with their slogan - 'Much more than just a hotel' 

A local entrepreneur by the name of Brett Hindle, who is actually a good friend of mine, got in contact about his recent involvement with The Millfields and how he wanted to get The Fitness Shak a spot in their fitness centre. 

He mentioned that the hotel was looking for a new range of fitness clothing for the staff and needed something that they could get locally for a good price and of course good material. I met Brett and we had a little talk about the things he was looking for, what style, colours etc. all things that have impact when it comes to wearing and being active in the clothing.

After I got an idea of what he was looking for and I said that if he was able to send me what the staff currently wear, I'll see what I can come up with..

It was a few days later that I sent him back some clothing with all the things he was looking for, as well as The Fitness Shak branding on the right sleeve. Once he received, he gave me a quick call to let me know what him and the rest of the staff at the Millfields Hotel thought and they were very pleased with the clothing provided.

Thanks Brett!

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