The New Arrival...

The New Arrival...

Introducing.... Morgan!

The newest staff member at The Fitness Shak.

I was looking for someone new to join the team, someone who took fitness seriously, not only as a hobby but as a lifestyle too. I had many people to interview for the job and although there were a good few potential candidates, Morgan took the cake (high protein cake obviously!) by a mile. 

Morgan is someone I can rely on to get a job done and done well, when exchanging ideas he is upfront and gives his honest opinion which is something I value extremely. His eye for detail and perfectionism are his main aspects of his work when it comes to his marketing and sparking new ideas for the business and he has almost taken this business on as his own which means I know he is committed and won't settle for anything less than success.

Alongside The Fitness Shak, I also run a personal training business - Dave Lee Personal Training offering 121, groups and fitness classes, such as weights, circuits and boxing which are all on the rise.  I needed a second, well shaped, pair of hands to help give The Fitness Shak the attention it deserved and Morgan has done exactly that.  His people skills are excellent, making everyone feel welcome at The Fitness Shak, even first timers.

So when you see Morgan at the front desk, make sure to give him a little smile on your way in as he understands a little goes a long way.




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