The UniKurve Sensation

The UniKurve Sensation

I have had UniKurve with me for a while now and the buzz around it has been something that has caught the eye of a few, not only fitness fanatics but investors too. The Surf and Fitness Co. were visited by the Grimsby Telegraph for an interview about UniKurve and how it has been brought into the gym, proving it's effectiveness to all who use it. 

Not only did the reporters take interest in UniKurve itself, but other businesses that surround it too. The Beauty Reef, which is run by my other half, Lucy. The Fitness Shak, a clothing brand I built from the ground which has escalated into gyms around the area and other fitness centres nearby. As well as Dave Lee - PT, which is where I incorporate UniKurve, giving it the recognition it deserves.

UniKurve is an excellent piece of equipment, the way it has formed, the journey it and others around it took to getting to where it is now and just the fact that it is a product in it's own right means that is a privilege for it to be an exclusive for me, my classes and the creative ways I use it. And I have a few to thank for that. 

If you get the chance to use a UniKurve, do so. For many it has shaped the way they look at circuit and weight training, it can allow you to do different things that you may not have been able to stretch to do and it can increase the difficulty depending on what colour you use. There are many ways for it to be used around your preferred routine and it will never go out of style and I enjoy it more and more each time I use it.



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